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Counselor's Role

Individual Counseling

I am here to listen to student concerns. Meeting with students one-on-one is based upon teacher, parent/guardian, or self-referrals. I am available for short-term counseling and on-going monitoring of students. If students are in need of long-term counseling, I can help provide parents/guardians with information about local resources.

Small Groups

Small groups are for several students within the same grade level. A needs assessment is distributed at the beginning of the year to identify topics that students are interested in talking about. Students are invited to be a part of the group depending on the topic of interest and parent/guardian permission is required. Groups are usually for 6-10 weeks and are held during lunch. Some of the topics for groups include anger management, healthy body image, friendships, study skills, etc.

Classroom Guidance

I work with classroom teachers in providing lessons to students on certain topics. Some of the lessons include an introduction to school counseling, career exploration, bully prevention, etc.

Crisis Counseling

I work with students who are self-harming, threatening suicide, talking about an abusive home-life, threatening to hurt someone else, etc. If faculty and staff are aware of students who are experiencing these challenges, they are instructed to let me or an administrator know right away.  I am also on-call for any instances that occur beyond the school day with NFMS students and families.


Mediation is held when two or more students are having conflicts that are interfering with the school day. This service is offered to help these students come up with solutions to the situation so they can move forward in a positive way

Consultation and Collaboration

I am here to provide support not only to the students, but also those who are taking care of the students. I consult with many individuals in order to better assist a child. These individuals include: parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, school staff, and other professional counselors, community resources, etc.

Plan and Implement School-Wide Events

Including Red Ribbon Week, Anti-Bullying Campaigns, Kick Butts Week, and other awareness weeks.


I attend a variety of meetings in order to stay well informed about things that are happening around the school. These include: grade levels, related arts ILTs, office meetings, child study, special education meetings, faculty meetings, etc.

New Students

When new students are enrolled at NFMS, I make their schedule and communicate this to teachers. I also greet the students on their first day of school, give them a tour, and introduce them to a friend. In addition, I check on them throughout the day and during the first week to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.


In the spring, I schedule grade-wide presentations regarding course registration. I also give a presentation to 4th graders at the elementary school regarding middle school transition and course selection. I assist with 5th grade orientation and organize the tour component of the visit. I work with administration in developing and updating the master schedule, help assess the placement of students in classes, and use PowerSchool to electronically schedule students. In addition, I address schedule change requests.

GATE Interviewer

The Gifted and Talented Education teacher will give me names of students to interview when they are going through the qualification process. I meet with students on an individual basis and conduct the interview. I am also a member of the GATE selection committee.

Holiday Assistance

I organize Thanksgiving Assistance (food items) and Holiday Assistance (gifts and hygiene products) throughout the months of November and December.

ADA Compliance Errors0
According to Policy GBA/JFHA, the Shenandoah County Public Schools prohibits sexual harassment and harassment based on sex, gender, race, color, national origin, disability, religion, ancestry, age, marital status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law. Any student or school personnel who believes he or she has been the victim of or has witnessed sexual harassment or harassment by a student, school personnel or a third party should report the alleged incident to one of the compliance officers or to any school personnel. The following persons have been designated as the contacts regarding compliance issues associated with this sexual harassment and harassment policy: Mr. David Hinegardner, Director of Administrative Services and Strategic Planning, (540) 459-6708 Linda C. Hodges, Director of Human Resources, (540) 459-6743.
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