Contacting Mrs. Zimmon

Ways students can be referred to see Mrs. Zimmon:

Self-Referral - There are many reasons why a student may want to see Mrs. Zimmon (including problems in school and/or outside of school). If students wish to meet with me, they may stop by my office. If I am not available, they may leave me a note.

Teacher/Staff Referral - Teachers and staff share concerns that they have about students with Mrs. Zimmon. A student may be sent or accompanied to the counseling office when immediate attention is needed.

Parent/Guardian Referral - A parent/guardian may request Mrs. Zimmon to meet with their child. In addition, parents/guardians may want to make an appointment with me for various reasons (academic concerns, behavioral issues, parenting difficulties, etc). Parents/guardians may also contact me to seek resources for their family.

Counselor Request - Mrs. Zimmon may schedule a meeting with a student to address a specific concern.

I have an open door policy and welcome visits, phone calls, and e-mails from both students and families!

Mrs. Andrea Zimmon 1018 Caverns Road Quicksburg, VA 22847

Office: 540-477-2953 Fax: 540-477-2562