Timeline for Scheduling


Rising 7th and 8th Grade Students Students will attend "course registration" presentations during the school day. The presentation is designed to inform them of required classes (English, Math, History, Science, and Health & P.E.) and options for Related Arts classes. Students are reminded that enrollment in Related Arts classes is dependent on academic performance. If they struggle in a class, we may need to place them in a remedial class, which would replace a Related Arts class. At the end of the presentation, course registration sheets are handed-out to students. Students select top choices, get a parent/guardian to sign, and return the paperwork to Mrs. Zimmon by the set deadline.

Rising 9th Grade Students The counselors from SJHS will announce a date for parents/guardians and students to attend a "Scheduling Night" at NFMS. During the presentation, the counselors discuss the requirements for graduation, explain high school specific terminology (such as verified credit, grade point average, advance placement classes, etc), give an example of a student schedule, and explain how the scheduling process will work.

After the presentation, families are welcome to ask questions. A course handbook and a course registration form are handed to those who attend. The remainder are distributed to 8th graders at school the next day. Counselors set a date to come to NFMS and meet with the 8th graders, individually, to select classes.


Rising 6th Grade Students Mrs. Zimmon meets with the 5th grade classes at Ashby Lee Elementary. The students learn about middle school course registration via a presentation. Here, they are informed about required courses and Related Arts offerings. Course registration sheets are handed-out. Students select top choices, get a parent/guardian to sign, and return the paperwork to their 5th grade teacher by the set deadline. All paperwork is delivered to Mrs. Zimmon at NFMS.


Rising 6th Grade Students The 6th Grade team will meet with the 5th Grade team to set a date for the rising 6th graders to come explore NFMS. On the day of the visit, the students are welcomed by administration and then are divided in to groups. They go through a rotation of activities, including: a student-guided tour, a locker relay, filling-out a getting to know you survey, and a Q & A session. This provides 5th grade students with an opportunity to get acquainted with middle school and address any concerns/questions they may have.


Rising 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Students Information regarding Open House will be sent out to families in mid-July. Open House is held right before school starts. During this time, families enter through the Cafeteria where they can visit a variety of stations. These include picking up a handbook and paperwork, meeting with the nurse (if needed), purchasing a gym uniform, putting money on a lunch account, etc. The final station is where students will receive their schedules. At that point, they can walk around the building, meet their teachers, try out their lockers, and run through their schedule. Administration will have a brief “welcome back to school” presentation that is optional for families to attend. If students wish to request schedule changes, they may fill-out a form in the guidance office. Changes are not guaranteed. Any students who are unable to attend Open House will receive their schedules on the first day of school.

Rising 9th Grade Students It is encouraged for rising 9th graders to attend "Basic Training" which is a freshman orientation that occurs on the same day as Open House. Training includes a tour of the school, the opportunity to meet teachers, a chance to walk through their schedule, and other activities. Information about this training will be sent-out by SJHS in the spring. If students do not attend the orientation, they will receive their schedules on the first day of school.

Understanding Your Schedule

At NFMS, we run an alternating day schedule. Students have classes on “Red” days and on “White” days. All students at NFMS are required to take Math, English, History, Science, and Health & P.E. These classes are year-long. Math and English are every day, while History, Science, and P.E. are on alternating days. We call English, Math, History, and Science classes “Core” classes.

Students are able to rank top choices of “Related Arts” classes (also known as “electives”). Unfortunately, since class sizes need to be balanced, there’s a chance that students may not get their top choices in their schedule.

The Related Arts options vary across the grade levels:

In all grades, students are offered Band, Orchestra, and Chorus, which are year-long classes. Band and Orchestra are daily classes, while Chorus and the other Related Arts classes (listed below) are held on alternating days (unless otherwise noted).

6th Grade - Specific to 6th grade, students are offered a rotation of classes so that they have the opportunity to try a variety of courses. These rotation courses are semester-long classes and include: Agriscience, Art, Computer, Countries & Cultures, Family Consumer Science, Music, and Theatre.

7th Grade - Specific to 7th grade, all courses are year-long classes. These include: Agriscience, Art, Computer, Family Consumer Science, Foreign Language (½ year French, ½ year Spanish), Theatre, and Yearbook (students must submit an application and 2 teacher recommendations).

8th Grade - Specific to 8th grade, all course are year-long classes. These include: Agriscience, Art, Computer, Family Consumer Science, and Theatre. Spanish I is offered daily to students who were academically successful in their 7th grade English class. In addition, students take a math placement assessment in 7th grade to determine if they are ready to take Algebra 1 in 8th grade. Both Spanish 1 and Algebra 1 are high school credit classes.

Students who are in GATE, English Language Learner (ELL), Encore, and/or Resource may lose a Related Arts class. Descriptions of these services are listed below:

GATE Students who are identified in the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program will automatically be placed in a GATE class at NFMS. This will replace one of the Related Arts Rotation classes.

English Language Learners (ELL) Students who receive ELL services will automatically be placed in an ELL class at NFMS. This will replace one or more of the Related Arts Rotation classes, depending on the level of service needed.

Encore Administration reserves the right to assign this remedial course depending on student success on SOL tests, benchmark testing, and teacher input. These encore classes (English & Math) could replace some of the Related Arts Rotation classes. Students may be able to move out of Encore if sufficient progress has been made in areas of weakness!

Resource Some students will require a resource class as part of their IEP. Families of students will be informed if their child needs this class. This course could replace one or more of the Related Arts Rotation classes.

Finally, we have an Intervention/Enrichment (I/E) period during the day. Students are placed in intervention classes if they need more assistance with understanding material and getting work turned in. Students are offered enrichment classes if teachers feel that the student is being successful in their core classes. Mrs. Whitford (Band and Orchestra teacher) offers 7th graders the opportunity to participate in a Percussion class during this I/E time (class size is limited). Administration and teachers have the right to move students in and out of intervention classes as needed.

Schedule Change Requests

At Open House and during the first week of school, students are reminded that schedule change request forms must be filled-out in the guidance office. Administration and guidance reserve the right to grant or not grant schedule changes. The last day to request changes is on the Friday of the first week of school. Any schedule changes that occur after this date are addressed by administration.