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All about the needs of middle school students

Link to help parents and students transition to middle school and be successful

Link to the standards & SOL-based instructional resources

Link to 5 year Academic and Career Plan: Virginia DOE Policy Update

Link to explore careers and future academic plans

Link to Virginia Department of Education Graduation Requirements

Link to the online Occupational Outlook Handbook

Response Teen Services540-459-5161
Department of Social Services540-459-6226
Northwestern Community Services540-459-5108
Health Department540-459-3733
Pregnancy Center540-984-4673
Center for Hope Counseling540-459-8630
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline800-273-8255
Food Pantries
Lighthouse Ministries540-459-2782
Love Center540-984-4018
Open Door540-477-3527
Loaves and Fishes540-740-8380
Bread of Life540-459-4419
Angel Food Ministries

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